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High Praise for Inspiring New Spiritual Memoir/Guide
Unintended Consequences: Lessons from a Life Almost Lost

“I believe that miracles can happen in people’s lives
when others share their experiences.”
Bill Shaner, from Unintended Consequences

(Naples, FL – November 6, 2009) – It’s not every person who can defy the odds and learn to walk again after a life-threatening construction accident. But this is exactly what author Bill Shaner did. Shaner was on top of his game as the owner of a successful construction company, when a building fell on top of him. Doctors gave him a 99% chance of remaining in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. How the author found the will to defy this prognosis and the spiritual lessons he learned as a result are the heart of his book, Unintended Consequences: Lessons from a Life Almost Lost (ISBN-13: 978-0-615-22766-5, 250+ pp., Pantha Publishing, edited by Robin Quinn). People are resonating with Bill Shaner’s story and his message of hope as reviews and endorsements pour in celebrating his remarkable recovery and revealing book.

Here is a sampling:

“Bill Shaner had everything but his life and family taken away from him but somehow he showed us true courage by never quitting. A great story of faith, guts and invincibility!” ~ Vince Papale, former Philadelphia Eagle, author of the book Invincible which became a Disney movie

“Shaner has come back from what could be life’s toughest challenges and he’ll show you the tools he used.” ~ W. Mitchell, author of It’s Not What Happens to You, It’s What You Do About It

“If you’re seeking a breakthrough, then this book is for you.” ~ Lorna Owens, author of Everyday Grace, Everyday Miracle

“The author goes beyond his near-death experience and gives us a game plan for living life to the fullest.” ~ Sam Carchidi,author of Miracle in the Making

Unintended Consequences has received favorable reviews from Rebecca’s Reads, Feathered Quill, TCM Reviews and AllBooks Review. “Not at all bleak and dark,” says Feather Quill. “…it is inspiring and uplifting.” “Very positive and encouraging,” notes Rebecca’s Reads. “Bill illustrates the importance of faith, trust, and sheer stubbornness. Very inspirational!” assesses TCM Reviews. “Includes his insights and personal experiences of his transformation through tragedy,” points out AllBooks Review.

In the first 75 pages of his book, Shaner shares the story of the accident and his recovery. We feel his pain and frustration, and his will to overcome his debilitating paralysis. The 175+ page self-help portion that follows includes an explanation of 14 Universal Laws, including the Law of Attraction. It also explains how to get your thinking on your side (by cleaning up self-defeating negative thinking patterns), the value of being an observer of your life, how to be still and receive answers, why being OK with yourself is so important, and how we create our own reality.

“I believe that miracles can happen in people’s lives when others simply share their experiences,” writes the author. “By withholding our experiences, we fail in a vital human responsibility. I now wish to fulfill my responsibility. My accident was a blessing. It launched an inner journey to seek answers—about me, about life, who I am, and why I am here. It has been an incredible journey. If you want your life to get better, you’ll need to grow, and you must choose to go to the next level.”

The Pub Date for Unintended Consequences is December 1, 2009.
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“If you’re self-publishing, or starting a new publishing company,
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